Hi, it’s me, Zipper! I live in Zipper Zity and it is the BEST part of town! Your day is never bored because there are all kind of things to jump, run, chase, swing, and hang upside down with your tail. Come on, let’s race!


Hello! Can you hear me! My name is Pippo and I live all the way up in Pippo’s Mountain. It is always so beautiful up here. Come and join me, be careful on your way! You can never be too careful.


Oh! Didn’t see you there behind all the tools! Welcome to Tee-Oh’s Backyard! I make all the toys with my bear hands. Sometimes it takes a day, sometimes months. I always have many new ideas! Grab a hammer, let’s build!


Welcome to Dooda’s Big Hall! I’m Dooda and it is wonderful to see you here. Your smile just lights up the whole place! If you ever need a hug or someone to talk to, I am here with my elephant ears ready to listen. Go on in, your friends are waiting for you!


Hello! What is your name? I’m Delphine and I live in Delphine’s Cove. My friends and I play here all the time. Do you like to play “paper scissors rock” or “Simon says…”? That is my favorite game too! The next game is starting, come play with us!


Shh...Other children are reading. Welcome to Master Owl’s Nest, I’m Master Owl. You ask many questions and they are excellent questions! Take a seat. Every answer begins with a wondrous story. Let me tell you the most fascinating one of all…