What is Character Strength?

Character strengths are the goodness inside all of us. We all have them. They are reflected through the way we think, feel, and act, as we strive to bring positivity and happiness in our own and others’ lives.

We possess all 24 character strengths. It is the varying degree of these strengths combined that make each of us unique! We tend to use certain strengths more often than others. Nonetheless, when a new challenge arise, we may call forth other strengths to help us. This also means that our goodness is not limited but can be cultivated over the course of our lives.

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Why is it important?

Character strengths help us to be successful and lead happier and more meaningful lives. Seeing ourselves through these traits of strengths, rather than weakness, enable us to flourish and grow. We learn to use our character strengths to fulfil our potential, to appreciate ourselves and each other, and in turn, help us become more confident, creative, and resilient people.

Character strength are like a muscle, the more you use them, the stronger they become. We know that the earlier we start fostering our strengths, the better we are able to use them. At ZipPiTeeDoo’s 昕星园, we focus on building children’s character strengths by creating a unique environment in which they are encouraged to discover and develop their own strengths. Through fun and play, children will learn these essential life skills that will help them grow into well-rounded, balanced individuals.

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I like to finish everything that I start, even if it is difficult and takes a lot of time and focus.


I am in control of my behavior and emotions so they fit the situation.


I am thankful for the good things that happen.

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